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This book by Brad Sugars is your step-by-step guide to systems and how to introduce them into your business. If you’ve been looking for business help, this book is just what you’ve been looking for -- it will transform your business, freeing up your time so you can devote it to more important things like being with your family, starting another business or looking for investment bargains in the real estate market.

This book is what all of Brad’s business coaching clients find out in a few business coaching sessions – systems are a fundamental part of business if you want to run your own business but also have time to spend doing other things.

Working On—Not In—Your Business: Brad Sugars’ Business Advice for Creating a Business that Works without the intervention of its Owner

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book Instant Systems educates entrepreneurs on the benefits of systemizing work processes within their businesses so that the enterprises can function without the direct interference of the business owner.

Instant Systems follows the story of Charlie, an auto repair shop owner who seeks to systemize his business so that he can begin spending time on other strategic goals. Through a captivating narrative story, Brad Sugars explains how business owners should attempt to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of their businesses in order to focus their energies on increasing their wealth and plotting their professional future. In short,Brad Sugars urges business owners to spend time working on their business instead of working in their business.

“Many small business owners spend all of their time working alongside their employees, never realizing that, as entrepreneurs, they should assume a completely different role in order to help their businesses grow,” said Brad Sugars. “In Instant Systems, I explain that role in easy-to-understand terms, and outline a plan that will help business owners make the transition from working in their businesses to working on their businesses.”

Brad Sugars series books outline clear business strategies that allow entrepreneurs to attain success both in business and in life. Instant Systems is published by McGraw Hill, Inc., and is part of Brad Sugars’ Instant Success series. .

More about the author, Brad Sugars

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Brad Sugars is an internationally-acclaimed Business Coach, best-selling author and CEO of ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business and executive coaching firm - home to more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries.

Just 12-years into business, ActionCOACH (formerly Action International) was recognized by major media outlets and Entrepreneur Magazine as the sixteenth fastest-growing franchise in the world. Throughout his enormous success, Sugars has steadfastly held to the highest business ethics, principles and ideals to become known as equally as good of a person as he is a businessman

As dynamic as the business strategies he teaches, Brad Sugars is the world-wide authority on business coaching. Many recognize him as inventor of the category itself.

Thousands of business owners worldwide have benefitted from Sugar’s strategies, leadership and direction. Turning dreams into reality is something that Brad Sugars can teach because he is living proof that with hard work, focus, vision and commitment, dreams become attainable when you realize and work to your fullest potential.

Sugars’ father says that as a precocious seven year old, Brad displayed skills and abilities of a seasoned businessman when he sold his Christmas presents to his brothers, only to discover later that he could rent and keep them for the same price. Throughout the years, he not only educated himself by earning an accounting degree, but also taught himself entrepreneurship through actual experience. One of the things he learned was how to teach others to live and work to their fullest potential to achieve their dreams. It was not enough that he learned how, but he has selflessly committed his life to teaching others how to do the same.

Sugars works on the theory that the value of teaching and coaching is that is ultimately shows others how to do for themselves so they can have a continuous life cycle of earning and accomplishing more with less. The idea of “getting more with less” is not just a motto to Sugars, but a proven method of “leverage” he has taught countless thousands around the world – who in turn have excelled under his coaching and direction.

As an author, Business Coach, investor, entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, teacher, mentor and world traveler, few people have realized the success both personally and professionally that Brad Sugars has achieved. His visionary approach to innovative and progressive business ideas are grounded in the traditional values of hard work, honesty and integrity have made him uniquely successful.

Brad Sugars is not only a businessman who can do it all, but his true gift is in teaching others to do it all as well. He has an innate ability to bring out the best in people and help them realize and develop the potential inside of them to become the success they are capable of becoming.

Whether it is team development, sales, marketing, profit growth, time management or any of the multitudes of strategies Brad Sugars teaches, he teaches them well because he has been a student of his own lessons. Reaching a greater destiny is something he can teach others because he has reached his own, and continues to grow with each additional person or company he helps in doing the same.

That is all part of the entrepreneurial spirit epitomized by entrepreneur and Business Coach Brad Sugars.

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